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AutoCAD Tips & Tricks

Issues or errors Solutions
Some drawing entities do not print. Verify that layers are printable. If this is not the cause, do an audit on the drawing and try again.
Plotting seems slow. Set the AutoCAD BACKGROUNDPLOT variable to 0. 
AutoCADĀ® does not display dialog boxes. Set the AutoCAD FILEDIA variable to 0
AutoCAD file does not bind an xref file created in ABS (Autodesk Building Systems) or other  AutoDesk application. The xref files are in different directories. How can I still send my files to the client? Send the AutoCAD file and the xref files non-bound, all placed in the same folder on a CD, or zip all files and send the zip file by E-mail. Ask your client to unzip all files to the same folder. No need to change the path in the xref menu, AutoCAD will find the files itself.
INTERNAL ERROR: !dbobji.cpp@6266: eNotOpenForWrite, usually happens when an application or macro loaded in AutoCAD tries to change entities on locked layers. AutoCAD may stop responding. Unlock all layers
Layer manager doesn't open. Uninstall, then install AutoCAD
Wipeout is on but it does not mask underlying objects on plotted drawings. While in AutoCAD, go to File > Plot > Properties > Device and Document Settings > Graphics > Vector Graphics. In this window set Dithering to Software Error Diffusion. Click OK button, then apply the changes to the .pc3 file of your choice.
Dynamic blocks lost their property grips and became useless. You may have not noticed when this happened but most likely happened after moving, copying, etc. and snapping dynamic blocks to other entities. Select the offending block, right click on it and from the pop-up menu select Properties. In the Properties window verify the Position Z. If the value is huge, example -1.2159E+99, it may be out of bounds. Change it to the correct value or to 0. Also, verify Scale Z, it should be 1.
At least one of the specified xrefs failed to bind due to a problem with a proxy object. If you selected more than one xref, repeat the operation for one xref at a time. error message Identify the xref that does not bind and close the host file for this xref. Open the xref file and enter wblock at the command prompt and select Entire drawing option and give the new file a name. Close the current drawing and reopen the host drawing, remove the offending xref, attach the newly created file and bind it.

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