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Office Companion About

This timer was especially designed to remind us to take periodic breaks while working on a computer. It is part of Office Companion.

Sitting in front of a computer many hours a day can lead to many dire consequences. Numerous studies have pointed to the health risks of sitting.
So, to counteract it, do yourself a favor: use this timer to remind you to take a break and do a few exercises. Walk around briskly, climb some stairs, then return to the computer to continue whatever wonderful thing you were doing.

Office Companion - Free Download

Office Companion Features

-Auto Start Timer At Program Startup
-Show this Window when Time is Up
-Pop Up Info Window when Time is Up
-Play Sound When Time is Up

Office Companion How Tos

How to change the timer interval

The default value is 30 minutes. To change the interval, select the existing values in the lower list, or add a new line with time values in this list. Then, double click the new line to activate the respective time.

CAD Utilities System requirements

Operating System: Windows
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